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Transitioning of seasons


How can it be mid July already??  Once again, the summer is flying by, and I find myself adding "transition" pieces to our line.  I will be attending a trade show the first week of August to pick out SPRING items!  Ok, I guess that means winter doesn't really last all that long :-) 

I look at it this way....God gave us the seasons so we don't get bored.  Just when we can't take the hot weather anymore, the cool crisp nights of fall begin, and I can sleep with the windows open!  The trees turn a beautiful color, and football takes over the television.  Once the trees are bare, the snow begins to cover them, and makes them a new kind of beautiful.  Winter brings rest to the ground, and sometimes to us when it's just too cold to go out!  Then spring arrives, and things come back to life!  I LOVE this time of year as trees begin to bud, flowers poke their little noses up from the ground, and baby animals of all kinds are born!  Summer returns, and we enjoy trips to the lake, campfires, and the light of long days.  Wow, LIFE IS GOOD!

Enjoy the things of today, and every day :-) 

Until next time....


Life is full of good stuff!

As I reflect on the last month, I realize how busy it has been, but at the same time, how good it's been!Four weeks ago today, our little grandson came into the world:-)  I have enjoyed making several trips to see him, and have watched him grow and change in those four short weeks!  What [...]

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Fun Day Ahead!

I am so blessed to have a close family, one that gets along, genuinely cares about each other, and loves to stay in touch!  Several of my aunts (that are in their 80's and 90's) ask me about my business. "How's the business going?"  "What kind of things do you carry?"   "How do you market your items?"  [...]

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Great Weekend!

Wow, our open house was a blast!  Thank you to all that attended!  It was fun meeting everyone and helping you find something new for your wardrobe.  Attached is a picture of myself and daughter, Mandy just before we opened :-) Our new olive chiffon slit back shirt was our best seller, and it looks SO [...]

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Prepping for Open House

It's been a busy couple days here as we are getting ready for our first "hands on" open house!  We are taking our store on the road next weekend, providing people in the Aberdeen, SD area a unique opportunity to shop in person.  This is very exciting for us, and if all goes well, maybe [...]

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New Year, New Attempt at Blogging

So, I decided I would try a blog for the New Year!  My hope is that this blog will help you get to know me better as I share about my passion for finding great styles to keep you trendy :-)   I'm not a writer by any means, so bear with me, and maybe [...]

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